“At Casino Patron Charities, we empower casino patrons to make a difference. With transparent, compliant, and mission-driven donation solutions! Together, let’s transform spare change into lasting change.”

Great to see you here we Casino Patron Charities! Join our community and help us deliver more. Learn the different ways we manage and collect micro-donations to deliver social impact in local communities!  See what a difference we can make together.  


You can help us in our mission by playing at a casino that uses CP Charities to manage their Donation System, playing in one of our free online Slot Tournaments, using our crypto payment solutions, purchasing an NFT, or even donating your player points at certain locations!


We vet local charities using the highest 501c3 industry standards. These Patron donations are handled with the highest level of compliance and transparency.  CP Charities mission is to find great local charities. We deliver higher donation totals, more transparency on selected charities, IRS compliance, and follow up on impact! The casino vetting their favorite charities does none of this.  

Charity of the Month

Deserve to be lucky! We are improving the odds for everyone. Your donation will go to our Charity of the Month program at each location. The COM program is designed to be an easy way to make a micro-donation. When cashing out a slot ticket at a redemption kiosk you will be asked if you would like to donate the change portion of your ticket to charity. To find out more info on the COM and past success stories scan the QR Code.

Deseve to be LUCKY!

In a few words...

We support and help grow uniquely impactful programs in communities surrounding casinos. We are improving the odds for everyone. Get LUCKY, donate at your local casino. 

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One of our initiatives is to support and help grow uniquely impactful programs in communities surrounding casinos. We are improving the odds for everyone. Get LUCKY, donate your change from your slot ticket today!


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