Our Mission.

Casino Patron Charities, PLAY-DONATE-WIN

Casinos and The Community

Casinos do a great job of giving back to the community. The CP Charities system is separate from any casino fundraising or community service initiatives. All donations collected through CP Charities come only from the casino patron's themselves. CP Charities facilitate's the donation process.
More Details

The Process

It is at this kiosk that patrons would be asked with a simple, yes or no option, to donate the change portion of the slot ticket to charity. All donations would go to preselected charities. Patrons would have the option to further select their favorite charity via a future CP Charities app.  


How Can You Get Involved?


For Casinos looking for great PR, increased patron engagement and new marketing opportunities. Casino Patron Charities donation module is an innovative system that delivers. CP Charities will provide a complete turnkey solution that requires no casino resources  CP Charities facilitates the kiosk donation process with a simple system that that maximizes results. 


You can support our mission of passing on good fortune numerous ways. We believe small changes in you and small donations add up to making a big impact. Who wouldn’t make a small donation when it is so easy to give? We make it easy to give and when you give you get! Here are some simple ways you can make a difference..Donate and win! This is the easiest way to spread the CP Charities mission