Hello! Why Casino Patron Charities?

Casino Patron Charities facilitates the donation process while engaging the casino patron and the Community. We are a 501c3 organization. We vet charities and reconcile the donation process. We use the highest 501c3 industry standards to deliver a compliant service that is needed in both the gaming industry and the charity sector. We have specific methods to provide benefits to the casino, the patron, and the Community. Our system raises additional funds with no additional costs or resources!


We vet and reconcile the donation process.

IRS Compliant

Get a receipt and make your donations tax-deductible. 


We educate casino patrons on the” Charity of the Month”, and what their mission is.

Raise Additional Funds

We raise additional funds for charities with our Charity Slot Tournament!


We reconcile the donations.


Everyone believes in Good Karma and Luck! Deserve to be lucky today. PLAY-DONATE-WIN! 

Meet our Amazing Team!


Howard VanBooven

Howard VanBooven


Jeff Stockton

Jeff Stockton

Vice President

John Hale

John Hale

Board Member

Donation Collected

Lucky Donars

People we have touched

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know what charity is receiving the donations when redeeming at the kiosk?

The Charity of the Month will be displayed above the kiosk or in the, “More Information Tab” 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, but in order for your donation to be tax-deductible, you must get a receipt and keep for your records. Please consult your CPA or the IRS on cash donations under $75. 

Can my charity receive funding?

Yes, we absolutely can have a fundraiser for your charity.  All 501c3 charities in good standings are eligible for our Slot Tournament Fundraiser. As of this time, we are NOT accepting application to be the Charity of the Month in casinos, however, please check back frequently as this may change.    

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