Hello! Here is what we add to ANY casino donation module!

Casino Patron Charities facilitates the donation process while engaging the casino patron and the Community. We are a 501c3 organization. We vet charities and reconcile the donation process. We use the highest 501c3 industry standards to deliver a compliant service that is needed in both the gaming industry and the charity sector. We have specific methods and technology to provide benefits to the casino, the patron, and the Community.


We vet and reconcile the donation process.

IRS Compliant

Get a receipt and make your donations tax-deductible. 


We educate casino patrons on the” Charity of the Month”, and what their mission is.

Additional Funding

We raise additional funds for charities from our supporters and corporate partners.


Collecting, reporting, distributing, and follow up!

Inspire and Engage

Deserve to be lucky today. PLAY-DONATE-WIN! 

Meet our Amazing Team!

Excutive Board

Howard VanBooven II

Howard VanBooven II

Founder / President / CEO

Passionate about bringing philanthropy to the casino industry! Howard has a background in the casino and insurance industry. He sits on the advisory board of the Kaufman Fund and volunteers his time helping Volunteers of Medicine. He is currently president-elect of the O’Fallon Rotary Club

John C Hale PhD

John C Hale PhD

Vice President

John is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served, honorably, as an Instrumentation Specialist on the T- 38, F – 16, F– 4, C -141, C-5, and the F -15 aircraft.

John began his gaming career at Aristocrat where he started as a Systems Project Manager, Senior Project Manager then Director of Game Studios John then assumed the role of Director of Project  Management. 

John transitioned to Global Cash Access, Everi Holdings, where he was the Vice President of  Service and Delivery leading the service and operations for the entire ATM and kiosk fleet. 

John is the Co-founder of Phi Gaming and John is the Proud Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Prelude investments LLC which is positioned in the market as a ‘Venture Capital Fund’ to gaming innovation and startups. 

Dr. Hale holds multiple undergraduate degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology and  Information Technology. He also holds an MBA from Webster University and a Ph.D. in  Organizational Leadership from Regent University.

James Landolt

James Landolt


Profile and pic coming soon!

Funds Raised

Slot Tournaments

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What or Who is CP Charities?

Casino Patron Charities is a 501c3 organization that raises money from Casino Patrons and Casinos to help local charities.

How do you raise money?
  • We raise money at casinos that use a donation module on their kiosk. We collect change from casino patrons and then reconcile the donation process. We vet charities and keep the process compliant and transparent.
  • We also have an online mobile slot tournament fundraiser that adds to the charity of the month at the casino or acts as a great fundraiser on its own for any non-profit to utilize.
  • We have other fundraising programs that all use a casino theme to raise funds for local non-for-profits. 
Doesn't the casino already give to the local community?

Yes, casinos are very active in the community and are good stewards. However, these donations are not from corporate profits rather the casino patrons themselves. Our duties of vetting charities and reconcile the process are for the communities benefit and the casino patron. After all, it is the casino patron’s donation, not the casinos.

How do I know where my donation is going?

This is a GREAT question! There are other donation modules currently on the market. No other donation module is using 501c3 standards to vet charities and reconcile the process. Its easier for big business to cut cornners and form corporate deals without using 501c3 quidelines. We offer transparent reports on how much was collect, what the donations where used for, and the impact of those donations. Look for the CP Charities logo to be sure these donations are being facilitaed with the highest philanthropic standards. We are hear to protect the community and the casino patrons.  

Does CP Charities keep any of the donations?

We add to the totals collect for the charity of the month through supporters and other fundraising activities. Most of the time, any costs will be recouped and even greater than what is collected at the kiosk.
We are a business and must use the highest standards to make this compliant and transparent: legal fees, accounting fees, licensing fees, state and local fees, and administration fees. The good news is that we have committed to keeping administration fees at 10% or lower. All other costs are out of our control.   

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