Beta Test Slot Tournament Fundraiser!

Tournament Ends








  • GOAL $750 50% 50%


1st  $250 Walmart Gift Card

2nd  $100 Target Gift Card

3rd  $50 Gas Card

If your score is in the top 3 and you play again you will lose your standing on the Leaderboard. You may register with another email to continue playing.

Hello and welcome to the CP Charities Slot Tournament Fundraiser Beta Test.  Please help us make this a great success by playing in the Slot Tournament. You can use any device connected to the internet to play in this tournament.

CP Charities Slot Tournament Fundraiser is designed to help non for profits.  This is a fun way, to not only raise funds for non for profits, but to educate people about their mission. These tournaments are individually branded tournaments with special areas for messaging. The tournament is free to play and free to set up. All proceeds are designed for a non for profit. CP Charities is a 501c3 non for profit charity.

The host charity, individual, or company will contact CP Charities. They will provide the logos and pictures for the tournament. They will also provide messaging and if they are offering a prize. All prizes will be the responsibility of the host. They can offer a prize, because anyone can play and win a prize for free.  The host will decide a start time and an end time for the tournament. They will also select the number of spins that each player will receive.

Players must register to play. Registering using your facebook profile is the easiest way to register. Your profile pic will be used as your icon to be displayed on the leaderboard. Sharing on social media, at every opportunity, will help the charity with exposure and possible donations. This is a fundraiser after all. You can actually help right now, by hitting the share button at the top of this page.  Players do have the option to register using a unique nickname.

Each player will be given a set number of spins to play. Anyone can play with no donation required. After the first set of spins, a player will be asked to make a voluntary donation to try again. Or at anytime the player can make a donation. If the player makes a donation, his score on the leaderboard will be replaced with the new total, along with this icon . If the player wants to try again without donating, their new score will also appear on the leaderboard.  (there is no purchase or donation required to play and win a prize)

The separate leaderboard allows for displaying at an event or to check on your standings. (Note, If you are in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place you may want to wait to play again because once you play again your score is replaced with the new total). However, feel free to register again using a different email so you don’t lose out on the fun.

We are raising money today to put this web app on the Play Store and IOS store. A traditional downloadable app will greatly enhance the functionality and playability of the tournament. Please help us in our mission of spread good will, while educating people about worthy charitable causes.