Casino Patron Charities is a 501c3 organization that aims to collect donations from within the casino industry to help support local charities.  Specifically, we have developed a system that would allow a patron the OPTION to donate the change portion of a slot ticket to charity, at the time of redemption.

 This quick micro donation would be collected by CP Charities and then be given to pre-selected local charities.  The donations are always 99 cents or less.  This virtual donation change bucket can have a tremendous impact on the local community.  Each casino has the ability to increase their community involvement, with no extra cost to them.  This is a great way to feel lucky at the casino and be apart of the community.  Small donations add up to big change! Please watch this video to better understand how the CP Charities system works.



Please fill out our petition and help get this idea into casino's. Click HERE