There are three current trends in the casino industry that pose significant challenges for your casino. Those challenges are COVID-19 , societal shifts, and a coin shortage.  Each one of these trends can have a major impact on the daily operations of your casino.  CP Charities has a solution that not only addresses each of these vulnerabilities but turns them into opportunities. The CP Charities donation module is an innovative system that delivers numerous benefits for the Casino, Casino Patrons, and the Community. CP Charities provides a simple turnkey solution that adds Covid-19 safety protocol while increasing player loyalty by creating social change.  

What We Do


Casino Patron Charities facilitates the donation process while engaging the casino patron and the Community. We are a 501c3 organization. We vet charities and reconcile the donation process. We use the highest 501c3 industry standards to deliver a compliant service that is needed in both the gaming industry and the charity sector. We have specific methods to provide benefits to the casino, the patron, and the Community.

We engage casino patrons by giving them a simple way to be COVID safe and feel lucky. We inform the patron and incentivize them to donate. We can eliminate the change in the kiosk! Our vetting process allows for flexible charitable giving from within the Community. Today’s social climate posses unique opportunities with philanthropy and Community. With large donation checks and social engagement, we deliver amazing PR. Other donation modules are confusing, tedious, and take the patron out of the casino environment. Without CP Charities, numerous casino resources would be required and often not as transparent or compliant.


Casino Benefits

  • Covid safety measure
  • Player engagement
  • Eliminate change
  • Patron loyalty
  • Brand building
  • New player acquisition
  • Reduce costs (change)
  • Reduce abandoned TITO
  • New marketing opportunities
  • Millennial engagement
  • Employee satisfaction

Casino Patron Benefits

  • Saftey
  • Feeling lucky
  • Being a part of social change
  • Making a difference
  • Karma
  • Impacting community
  • Happiness trifecta(Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin)

Community Benefits

  • Funding for needed social change
  • Flexible fundraiser for community crisis
  • Covid relief
  • Education of charitable missions
  • Transparency
  • Use of highest industry standards
  • Promotion of impact from donations
  • Employee engagement
  • Corporate stewardship
  • Covid safety

Our Approach

  • Simple, only the change.

  • We vet, market, inform, and reconcile.

  • It’s the patron’s money. (IRS/ Gaming Regulators)

  • We promote safety, incentivize, and inspire. Deserve to be Lucky!

  • Big checks equal big PR. 

  • Compliance, Compliance, Compliance
  • Transparency and reporting
  • 75%-100% collected goes to charity.


Exactly how do you deliver these benefits?

Contact us for specific details on the process and to learn more.

What KIOSK manufactures are you working with?

We are currently in development with a major manufacture.  Check with us for compatibility of the donation system.   

How much can each kiosk bring in?

Research and surveys indicate that upwards of 70% of patrons would donate. We believe EACH kiosk has the potential to raise between $800-$1200 monthly.

Isn’t that potential lost revenue?

Once the patron cashes out their TITO the change usually goes in the pocket or purse. This mostly becomes un recoupable revenue.

What if I don’t like the system or have problems?

This functionality can easily be turned on or off at anytime

Doesn’t the casino already give back to the community?

Casinos do a great job of giving back to the community, however these donations are from the casino patrons and not the casino.