Helping Veterans and Children

Helping Veterans and Children

The Kaufman Fund

I met Wayne Kaufman years ago at a networking meeting. It was a small group of people who met at 8:30 am on Wednesdays at a local restaurant. Wayne is a very inspiring and passionate person. He spoke about his not for profit, The Kaufman Fund, and what they do to help veterans and children in the St Louis area. They were planning their annual golf tournament, and he was looking for players and sponsors. I immediately thought of my father and my uncles, who all served in the military. My father was an MP in the National Guard, and I remember the stories he would share with me as a child. I was at this networking event representing myself as a health insurance broker. However, after hearing Wayne’s story, I began to think about my own, not for profit CP Charities.

Wayne and I set up a meeting, we discussed his golf tournament, and I learned a lot more about the Kaufman Fund. Wayne is a true inspiration. Here is a guy who started a charity in honor of his late brother Ralph Kaufman and took his charity to incredible levels. The Kaufman fund to date has raised over 1.5 million dollars to help support veterans and children. They do this with an all-volunteer organization.

And so it begins

In speaking with Wayne, I remember telling him about CP Charities and our mission. At the time, we had our 501c3 designation but was not doing much with it. The change for charity idea had not taken hold in casinos yet, but I thought this was an excellent opportunity to help veterans and children and start giving back. One of the things Wayne talked about was being a sponsor of his Golf Tournament.

I agreed to be one of the main sponsors of his golf tournament that year. This was the start of the CP Charities Casino Night Fundraiser. Having a background in the casino industry, I knew we could put on a great event.

My wife didn’t know what I had got her into when I came home and told her what we were going to do. She also had numerous friends in the casino industry that could help us. To make a long story short, we ended up donating 5,000 dollars to The Kaufman Fund that first year. Since our events started, we have raised over 25,000 dollars for veterans and children in the St Louis area. Hopefully, supporting the Kaufman Fund is just getting started. They do fantastic work for veterans and children in the St Louis area. As an all-volunteer organization, they have raised well over 1.5 million dollars. They have outstanding programs that pick up were the VA leaves off. They have a mental health program, dental program, legal assistance, and many other programs. If it involves helping veterans, the Kaufman Fund is there with their support.


Unfortunately with COVID hitting at the same time, this year’s casino night was to take place we had to cancel this year’s event. They have moved back their golf tournament and are still hoping to have a successful event. Our goal this year was going to raise over 10k for the Kaufman Fund but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen. I am not one to give up so we will be having a virtual slot tournament fundraiser. If you have ever supported are casino nights in the past, or love the idea of being apart of an amazing organization please join us for our virtual slot tournament fundraiser, we might not be able to reach our goal but I think we can get close. Veterans and Children in the St Louis area need your help.