Option to Donate!

Option to Donate!

Simple right?

My idea was to give patrons the option to donate the change portion of their slot ticket (TITO) to a local charity. It would only be the change and very similar to round-up programs you see everywhere nowadays. This simple idea started around 2008. I worked at Lumiere Casino in St Louis, MO. I remember seeing loose TITO tickets laying around with pennies on them. TITO stands for the acronym Ticket In Ticket Out. The casino industry uses them to convert cash into a playable slot machine credits that can also be converted back to money at a redemption kiosk. I also remember cashing in some of these slot tickets for my mother when she played slots. I hated to stick my hand in the change receptacle to receive a few pennies because I just hated loose change. In today’s COVID-19 environment, I am sure people hate sticking their hands in the machine for other reasons.

Designed that way!

Slot machines are designed, so there is almost always fractions or change left on each TITO. This is part of the psychology of playing a slot machine. Seeing those tickets with just a few cents on them lying on the floor and my disdain for loose change made me realize that the coin on these TITO’s had little value for some. I thought there might be a way to give this spare change more value to others. It was then that I realized the social impact of donating this change could have. It all seemed like such an easy concept. Everybody is a winner here. The patron gets to feel like they gave back. The casino receives PR and other benefits. Local charities receive much-needed funding.

Giving casino patrons the option to donate their change was an idea worth pursuing. I keep telling myself if I didn’t go for this one day, I would see this in a casino, and my stomach would get sick knowing I had this idea and did nothing with it. Telling myself, I would not give up on this quest until it was proven that this idea couldn’t work. So the lesson I have here is Start! Don’t think everything through before you begin something. Start by taking action, commit yourself to finish what you start. Put all your doubts aside for the moment, and start taking action. Here is a short video about taking action from Gary Vee; he is someone that has inspired me for many years. https://youtu.be/fUlYGWcWepc

Be the Change you want to see!

We at CP Charities have made a simple way to take action that will affect so many. Giving the patron an option to donate with A simple, “YES” at the redemption kiosk will mean you are the change you want to see in the world. Your simple action of donating your change can make such a huge difference. I believe in ideas like, What goes around comes around”, I believe in paying it forward and good karma. You deserve to be lucky today so take that small simple step of choosing to donate your change to the Charity of the Month! Want to learn a little more about what we do click here.

Please follow us on this amazing journey as we attempt to CHANGE the casino industry by bringing tremendous value to the Casino, the Patrons, and Charities! Casino Patron Charities – PLAY-DONATE-WIN!

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