CP Charities Slot Tournament Fundraiser is a fun exciting way to bring awareness to your mission and raise additional funds. You must be a 501c3 organization in good standings with the IRS and your State. This fun slot tournament allows for unique branding opportunities and education. Its simple and there is no upfront costs to host a tournament. You simply provide the messaging and branding, offer 3 prizes, and set a start and finish for the time of the tournament. CP Charities creates a unique slot tournament for your organization or your favorite cause. We market your tournament through social media, email and the internet. We provide a turnkey fundraiser with zero cost, plus we add additional advertising for this event. Our community loves these tournaments and giving back at the same time and so will your supporters. These fun tournaments can be played on any device connected to the internet. We also provide a separate leaderboard that can be displayed at an event or on a special internet page. This allows for additional branding opportunities and sponsorships of the event.

  • SET A GOAL 85% 85%

Pick A Start and an End Time








First Prize:

Second Prize:

3rd Prize:

It’s as easy as 1.2.3..

Pick A Start and an End Time

You decide when and how long each tournament last. Many organizations end the tournament at an event so people can watch the leaderboard and get their last spins in. This is great for casino nights or any fundraiser. Remember there is a special leaderboard display that has areas for sponsorships and advertising. Maybe sponsors can donate the prizes?

Pick A Goal

Goals are a great way to engage potential donors. Also keep in mind having a specific item equal to the donation request is helpful as well. Here would be an example for a animal shelter. Your $5 donation will provide 5 meals to a homeless dog.  (This will be required in setting up a tournament.)

Share your Story

Tells all about your mission. We will provide 3 areas for pictures, a area for your mission statement and other messaging, plus a specific donation request at the appropriate time.

Offering prizes is helpful to. Giving people a chance to learn about your organization while playing a game is a powerful way to increase donations. Understand that a donation is only optional. No gambling here. This allows us to share your mission and story to the widest audience. The game is designed to educate while having fun, with a chance to win a prize. We inspire people to donate to your great cause. 

Once the tournament is ready, share, share, share. You will be given a informational email that can easily be forwarded to all your supporters, there will be a Facebook post to share. There will be a special webpage to share. During the slot tournament there are numerous opportunities to share via Facebook. All of these will insure a great fundraiser. Please encourage your supporters to share.

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