Meet The Team

Howard VanBooven

Founder & President

Howard VanBooven  is the President and founder of CP Charities Inc, for the last 8 years he has worked to develop the CP Charities Brand.  His duties have included forming CP Charities as a 501c3 non for profit corporation, Trademark and Copyright duties. State, Local and IRS fillings, website development and all daily operations.   He has over 11 years of Casino experience.  He also has 15 years in sales and start up experience.  Currently holds a Health and Life insurance license in 7 states and a Real Estate Brokers license in MO  and is a partner with Healthcare Solutions Team

Jeff Stockton

Vice President

Following on an extensive career in executive leadership and general management, driving results through strategy and execution across a spectrum of businesses, along with graduate education in business and finance, I’ve been advising and consulting with small- and mid-size businesses, start-ups and nonprofits.  I also teach business classes at Washington University in St. Louis.  My interest in meaningful enterprise, where the result is greater than just the transactional value of the activity, has led me to work with Howard and CP Charities since 2011.