Our Mission & Vision

CP Charities is a 501c3 organization that collects donations from within the casino industry to help support local charities.  We have a donation system that gives slot players the option to donate the change portion of their slot ticket to a charity of the month at a redemption kiosk. Additionally, our Slot Tournament Fundraisers are a fun way to engage potential supporters and raise additional funds for not-for-profit organizations.

CP Charities NonProfit Team

Our Goals


It is our goal to be a highly trusted charity. We will accomplish this goal by using the highest industry standards.


Being completely transparent is another way to achieve trustworthiness. From start to finish you will see the impact these donations make.


We raise additional revenue with our system. By using innovative technologies and proven methods we double the donation totals.


We want to make a big impact on the communities surrounding casinos. The way we do this is by bringing value to the Casino Patrons


We are ready to respond to a community crisis when they arrive.


We have benefits for everyone involved in this process. We have benefits for the casino patrons, the casino, and the community.

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