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We support and help grow uniquely impactful programs in communities surrounding casinos. We are improving the odds for everyone. Get LUCKY, donate your change from your slot ticket today!

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Play for free and win a prize! Show some heart and make a donation. 

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Completed Programs

We are a 50c3 organization that raises funds for local charities. Casino Patron Charities has a system that allows patrons the option to donate their change from a slot ticket. Here are some of the great results of those donations.

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Helping Veterans and Children

Helping Veterans and Children

The Kaufman Fund I met Wayne Kaufman years ago at a networking meeting. It was a small group of people who met at 8:30 am on Wednesdays at a local restaurant. Wayne is a very inspiring and passionate person. He spoke about his not for profit, The Kaufman Fund, and...

Option to Donate!

Option to Donate!

Simple right? My idea was to give patrons the option to donate the change portion of their slot ticket (TITO) to a local charity. It would only be the change and very similar to round-up programs you see everywhere nowadays. This simple idea started around 2008. I...

Slot Tournament Fundraiser

Slot Tournament Fundraiser

Mission awareness CP Charities is all about raising funds from within the casino industry by giving patrons the option to donate. Our' Charity of the Month' recipient receives 100% of the proceeds collected at the host casino. However, we also like to educate patrons...


These casinos are currently using the CP Charities donation system.

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