I absolutely believe signing up for a Player's card is worth the time and effort. There are many benefits even if you are not a gambler. A players card is like a loyalty rewards card for spending money or gambling at the casino. Most casinos will give you free play for just signing up for a card. Everybody likes a free shot at winning and discounts don't they? Usually you get a few bucks in free slot play. Sometimes you get to spin a wheel for a chance to win more free play or points.

You will usually get discounts by having a Players card. Typically you can use these discounts on hotel rooms, restaurants, and gift shops in the casino. The standard rate for a casino hotel room vrs with a players card is sometimes drastically different. You usually save a few bucks off the buffet just for showing your card. 

Some casinos give you a coupon book for signing up with special discounts to some of the restaurants or facilities in the complex.  

Many times having a Players card will allow you to get tickets to events before the general public if the casino has a concert venue or show area. 

Once you get the card familiarize yourself with the what you can get with your card. Also look for Player's Club kiosks. Here is where you can view your points or special offers. You can enter drawings or promotional giveaways.

Make sure if you are gambling you are always giving your players card to the dealer or using it in a slot machine. Even if you think you are only be gambling for a short time, use your card. Many times your gaming sessions last longer than you think. There is nothing worse than playing for a long time and forgetting your players card. These are points that you could have accumulated that are gone.

The more points you accumulate the more rewards you will acquire. Most casino's give you points you can use for free dinners or hotel stays. Usually the points can also be converted into more free play. 

If you are a frequent player or feel you have played for a long time don't be afraid to ask for a discretionary comp. This is a comp that doesn't come off your card.  Many times supervisors have the ability to add comps to your card even if you haven't quite earned it. It doesn't hurt to ask. 

Finally, if you are using your card in a slot machine make sure the machine is reading the card.  If you play for an hour or so and the card wasn't working, you just missed out on a bunch of reward points.

I see people take their card out of the machine all the time because of Luck or some preconceived notion that the machine plays differently with or without the card. This is completely false. There is no reason to take the card out of the machine.