I remember a time a few years ago when a casino patron approached me with a question. At the time I was working as a dual-rate supervisor for Station's Casino St Charles. For those of you that do not know, a dual-rate supervisor is the person who on some days stands behind the table games in a suite supervising and other days comes to work as a dealer. The question was,"Why should I tip the dealer"?  I remember the incident very well. The guy was being a total ass and abusing the dealer. He was walking that line. The line of having fun and normal casino obnoxiousness to being too vulgar and making others around him uncomfortable. I explained that the dealer is on your side and only makes about minimal wage from the casino but earns his living on tips. It's his job to look after those who are taking care of him. It add's extra incentive to be entertaining and make everything fun. The gentleman wasn't buying what I was selling. A few hands later a person in the middle of the table give the dealer a hit signal and the dealer fires a card down on the player's hard 16. Of course, this was not a correct move, but my dealer was none too happy to make a point. The dealer was showing a 6 and the correct move according to basic blackjack strategy would be to stay. Needless to say that people took the dealer's bust card and the gentleman  on third base lost a large bet. The guy starts yelling at the person who didn't know any better. This is when I had to intervene. I politely told the jerk that people can play their hands in any way they want. I then whispered in his ear, "This is one of the reason's you tip your dealer". Had that guy been a,"George", someone known to be a good tipper in the business, the dealer would have waited for someone to give the player some good advice about not hitting in this situation.    

This a good story that plays itself out in numerous ways in the casino. Casino employees have so much to do with your gambling enjoyment. Here are my top 10 favorite reasons to tip your dealer.

#1.  It is so much better to have the expert dealing you your fate on your side.  The energy is better and so much more enjoyable.

#2.  The pause... If the dealer pauses in mid game action it means something is probably wrong.  Either someone or yourself is about to do something that goes against the odds.

#3. Cocktail's... Many times the dealer can look out for the waitress or make sure the supervisor gets one.  What do think works better?  Asking for the waitress or being a good tipper and asking for the waitress.  Remember the guy in the suite your asking might be a dual rate and he has skin in this game as well.

#4 Teaching.... Have you ever wanted to learn to play Craps, Mini Bac or maybe even Pai Gow. Maybe you need some basic strategy advice on Blackjack?  A small tip can go a long way in gaining valuable information.  Oh, and don't tip or say you will tip at the end.  This is no bueno. No dealer is going to go that extra mile for a promise you might take care of him at the end. This lie has been told a million times. 

#5 Issues... Sometimes mistakes are made by the dealer or someone else.  Many times getting the benefit of the doubt is all about your attitude.  I mean your ability to tip once in awhile. Let's say you gave the dealer the stay hand signal, but the dealer gave your hand a card.  How many ways do you possibly think this could turn out?  

#6 Ratings... You handed in your players card to get rated for your play.  The supervisor is busy and isn't concentrating on your play. You play for a long time and then get up and leave.  The supervisor now is questioning the dealer about information that is going to affect you ratting. How many different ways do think this conversation can go?

#7 Ice cold... Sometimes dealer are just cleaning up and tables are get very cold.  If you are a none George you might like this information before you get your lunch handed to you.

#8 Hot... Sometimes tables run lucky and nothing beats a hot streak.

#9 Promo's or Specials....Many times dealers can tell you where the best food deals are.  There are often promo's or specials going on that it is great to be informed about.

#10 Control...If there is one thing you can have control over at the casino it is you tipping.  The games have their odds.  The slot machines have their odds.  Absolutely everything in the casino is stacked against you.  The amount of enjoyment and added information you can gain from tipping is well worth a few bucks that is probably going bye bye anyway.

Have a few more reason's or quick stories leave them in the comments below.