Slot Tournament Fundraiser

Slot Tournament Fundraiser

Mission awareness

CP Charities is all about raising funds from within the casino industry by giving patrons the option to donate. Our’ Charity of the Month’ recipient receives 100% of the proceeds collected at the host casino. However, we also like to educate patrons on the charity’s mission and what projects they will be undertaking soon. Mission awareness and additional funding are why we use our Slot Tournament Fundraiser.

Fun and engaging

Some great charities do not have the opportunity to be our.’ Charity of the Month’ recipient. However, we have a fun, engaging way to educate people about charitable missions and raise additional funds with our Slot Tournament Fundraiser. This competitive online casino style slot tournament can be played anywhere, as long as the contest is still going on.

The player is given a set number of spins to complete. Once the player is finished with all of their spins, they will see where they rank on the leaderboard. Players can always play for free or make a voluntary donation. Either way, by participating in the Slot Tournament Fundraiser, you are helping to support charities. Who knows, with a little luck, maybe you will win a prize?

You can always find the latest tournaments in our event calendar or our CP Slots page.

Play for free or show some heart and make a donation.