Baccarat is a fun game that offers a casino patron the best odds in the house. It's basically like betting heads or tails on a coin flip. I know that might not sound exciting, but with all the extra bonus bets and atmosphere, it is one of the best games in the house. Hit the Dragon bet and you will receive 40x your wager.

In the St Louis region each casino has its own very distinct Mini Baccarat section. Here is a brief description of each facility.

Lumière Casino Place has plans for a new Mini Baccarat section and restaurant. Until then there are plenty of tables for your Baccarat pleasure. They offer both commission Bac with Dragon Bonus and No commission EZ Bac with Dragon and Panda Bonus. It will be interesting to see what they come up with, since they will have a blueprint of what works in the area. 


Ameristar's new Bac sections are awesome and the backdrop of Asia restaurant adds a great element. Asia has a high end restaurant feel with affordable amazing food. I love their General Tao's Chicken. There are plenty of beautiful tables to play in this new area. The decor in this restaurant is amazing. There is plenty of room to navigate from table to table and see what's happening on any particular shoe. 

Hollywood Casino's Mini Baccarat section Phát Tài is its own separate little unique area   The entire section is separate from the casino and has a very distinct traditional Asian look and feel. The Phát Tài restaurant is literally a part of the Mini Baccarat Section. This creates a fun atmosphere. The Phát Tài restaurant is is delicious. Check out the menu.

River City just opened its new Mini Baccarat section with an Asia Noodles restaurant inside. I love the separation of this room from the casino. This area formerly the poker room, is now home to St Louis's best Baccarat action. The room has very high ceilings and comfortable chairs in the corner to relax. The cherry blossom window's are a perfect fit for the modern Asian Sheek decor. The eight tables offer plenty of space to play while maintaining an fun intimate environment. 

Asia Noodles offer traditional Vietnamese and Pan-Asian food. I had the chicken wings for an appetizer and Pad Thai for the main course. Both dishes were simply amazing. The chili sauce I added to the noodles was the perfect flavor and heat. You can check out the menu here.  

Want to learn to play? Check out this free tutorial here!

Tell us what you think is the best Mini Baccarat section