When a bonus feels like a penalty.


When a bonus feels like a penalty.

Comparing Multi Game Slot Machines

I decided I wanted to take a look at some of the differences between some of the multi game slot machines.  I played WMS HOT HOT 8, Aristocrat Jackpots, Wonder 4 and Aristocrat Wonder 4 Stars. These machines allow you to choose some of your favorite slot games and play multiple games with one spin.  Now, the downside is that these games usually have a minimum bet of around $1.20, and many times it can get hard to follow each game.  I am somewhat old school and like to watch my fake reels appear.  Unless you just focus on one of the games on the screen, it is virtually impossible to watch all the action at once.  The allure of these games is that you are playing multiple games, given the hope that a bonus is around the corner.  All of these games also have an option to hit the bonus on all the screens!     


I love the WMS HOT HOT 8 slot.  The value seems good at $2.00 a spin. This is the only denomination option.  You get 8 games of your choice and your selected screen location.  You also have a chance at a random bonus wheel with Jackpots!

20160804_193454 (1).jpg

Get 3 Hot Guys pictured below and spin the wheel for a possible jackpot!  Once you hit the bonus on one of the 8 games, another wheel appears to see how many screens get the bonus game.  You can either choose the number of games,"Less Risky" or one game set x the amount,"More Risky". Click here for a demo.


                                      The Good                                            

Aristocrat Wonder 4 Jackpots.  I like the fact that you have the option to choose your favorite games and positions. You just drag and drop your favorite game into the position you want. If you want all 4 games to be the same they can be.  So, if you want to play 4 Buffalo at a time, you can. You can customize each game the way you want, based on the available titles.     

I really like the fact that on the Aristocrat Wonder 4 Jackpots you can win multiple bonus individual games with the Super Free Games feature. There is also a Jackpot feature.  Once the bonus feature is triggered on any game, you go to this screen to see what type of Bonus game you get.

Click here for an informational video.

The Bad

Aristocrat Wonder 4.  The game itself is not all that bad.  You get all the customisation features of the other multigame machines.  You might even like the specific 4 games being offered like Buffalo,  Firelight, Pompeii, and Wild Splash.  You can hit the Super Bonus Feature if one of the 3 Bonus symbols is Super Bonus feature.  If you hit this feature all 4 screens will be in bonus mode of whatever bonus game you hit.   

What I don't like about this game, is that the Super Free Games feature seems extremely hard to hit.  I have played this game numerous times and have never hit the Super Free games.  The bonus also seems to play much different than the original game.  It moves too fast and doesn't appear to pay the same as the original game.  I have hit the bonus on this game a few times and have yet to win anything decent.  Of course this is based on my opinion and I am sure some love this game.   To see this machine in action click here.


Aristocrats Wonder 4 Stars.  I hate this game!  The reason I hate this game is because of the bonus round.  Everything is similar to all the other games above.  You do get to customize your game and pick four classic Aristocrat games.  You can choose between Timber Wolf, Wicked Winning's II, 50 Lion's, and 5 Dragon's Deluxe.

Instead of getting a chance to win the Super Games Feature up front they decided to make you pick one of the games.  If the position you choose gets the most symbols (4) you win all the screens. If not, you win the bonus on your selected position only.  I get the fact that Aristocrat thought it would be cool to show all the bonus screens at the back end of the game.  However, seeing that you won a small amount because you chose the wrong position really makes you mad.  It seems as if you are punished because you made the wrong choice.  Look, bonus rounds on slot machines are hard enough to hit.  I understand sometimes you don't win in the bonus round.  I don't see the benefit of the machine slapping you in the face, with what could have been.  It goes against everything a casino patron wants to feel.  I want to feel lucky!  I don't want to feel like I am being punished after the bonus round.  I actually felt completely unlucky and thought about leaving for the day.  Of course, I didn't leave.  That machine really pissed me off!